I Tried Some New Poses in Yoga Yesterday

I had my weekly private yoga lesson yesterday. My instructor is having me try intermediate and advanced poses. It was pretty tough, but still a lot of fun. One of the ones that I tried is a pose called Wild Thing, where you start off in side plank and then put one leg behind you, and kind of balance from there. It definitely was challenging but I could do it. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of it. Another yogi told me that I should be taking all the pictures I can get so that I can compare later on. I’m going to try that.

It’s still really frustrating to me that I can’t join a yoga studio right now. I know that some are open and are allowing up to 5 people in a class, but my LLMD (Lyme doctor) told me not to go to those because I’m immunocompromised. So, I’m just settling for outdoor SUP yoga and videos in my house. I really am ready though to build a community around yoga. Hopefully they can find a vaccine or cure for covid soon so that we can all get back to our lives.

My yoga practice is coming along, though, even with just once a week instruction. My chaturanga and Vinyasas are looking a lot better, as are a lot of my poses. I’m hoping that I can afford to continue private instruction until it is safe to go to studios, which might be awhile.

In other news, Tempest went to the vet last night and had some tests done to see how far his kidney disease has progressed. I’m not sure when we’ll here back, but hopefully it’s soon. The vets said that he did a great job while he was there.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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