My Biggest Problem With Exercise Is That I Can’t Get Enough Of It

I keep having issues coming up with an exercise schedule. The reason is not due to lack of motivation, or wanting to exercise. The problem is that there are too many kinds of exercise that I want to do! I love so many forms of exercise, including swimming, hiking, walking, biking, scootering, ice skating, volleyball, tennis, running, basketball. I love most forms of sports, and can’t seem to get enough of them. And, now that I’ve added yoga into my routine, I’m having an even harder time deciding what forms of exercise to do.

Lately, though, I’ve been limited my time to mostly yoga, walking and hiking. I think that having a dog precludes me to do lots of walking. I do worry, though, that I’m overdoing it with exercise. I tend to exercise twice a day during the week usually, with yoga in the morning and a hike or walk in the afternoon/evening. For most people this would be okay, but since I have chronic Lyme Disease with co-infections, I need to be mindful of how much energy I’m spending on such things. It’s frustrating for me because there are so many types of sports that I would love to do. It’s hard to narrow it down and just choose a few.

What I’ve done in the past to remedy this is to change up my workouts. For a long time, I would hike or walk one day of the week, bike another day, and then do the elliptical or some form of cardio on the third cardio day, followed by two days of weightlifting a week. I did pretty well on that schedule. But, then I added yoga and got a dog and that schedule kind of blew up. So, I’m trying my best to maintain 4-5 days of yoga a week with 4-5 days of cardio on top of it.

It is hard, though, to maintain, and sometimes when I’m tired I have to push myself to get through a workout. That’s okay though. I’m just glad that I’ve been able to return to some of my hobbies after going through the severe trauma that I experienced. It’s a big deal to me.

Yesterday I took the day off of yoga because I was really exhausted from the weekend. I played a video game for part of the day (Tropico 6), which was fun, and then in the evening we took Maggie on a 2 1/2 mile walk. It was fun! I’m looking forward to doing yoga this morning with my instructor.

On a side note, I am kind of bummed that I can’t get anyone I know to do SUP yoga with me. I was hoping to do that for a belated bachelorette party but none of my friends/family want to do it. It’s kind of disappointing to me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

1 thought on “My Biggest Problem With Exercise Is That I Can’t Get Enough Of It

  1. Give yourself a break already. From someone who is much older than you & who suffers from the same shit that you do. Just let it all go. You work too hard at all of it. Hugs, honey.


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