I’m Glad That People Are Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking

I’ve been noticing on Facebook that a lot of people are raising awareness about human trafficking, especially child sex trafficking. There’s a #savethechildren meme that seems to be going around social media and is gaining influence. I’m really glad about that. I went through child sex trafficking and MK Ultra programming as a kid, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other family members and friends did as well. Because of this, though, I do constantly worry about the younger generation in my family and whether or not they are going through what I did. I know that these types of things are inter-generational, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some are going through it, with or without their parents knowledge. It’s really scary to think that it could still be happening in my family, but it likely is. I just hope that the kids in my family are strong enough to break through amnesic walls and tell someone what is happening to them. And, for that matter, that some of the adults could be strong enough to break through those walls too, like I did.

I really wonder every day how common these severe types of exploitation are, especially if people aren’t even remembering what they went through. It’s so frightening.

I really hope that justice can be served for all people who are victims to human trafficking and exploitation, whether they remember it or not.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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