My Reflections After Our Walk in Downtown Snohomish Last Night

David had to drop his ballot off yesterday evening, so we decided that since we were in the area, we would take Maggie for a walk in downtown Snohomish. Normally I love downtown Snohomish, but what I saw down there yesterday made me nervous. It was quite crowded, and very few people were wearing masks. In fact, David and I were some of the few that were. And, people were in groups of 5 or more without those masks on. It definitely made me feel nervous. I was also kind of worried about Maggie’s feet getting covered in germs because there were so many people in the area.

We also noticed that the restaurants were quite full, even in their outdoor seating areas. Some restaurants had made outdoor seating areas for themselves by using a couple of parking spots. Overall, everything seemed busy down there, and very few people seemed concerned about spreading the virus.

So although it was nice to walk along the river, and be around people, because I’m high risk I don’t think I’ll be going back down there any time soon. Which is too bad, because there are some restaurants that I like in that area.

Here are some pictures of Maggie on her walk, and a picture of Patrick on my lap later in the evening.

Maggie in downtown Snohomish
Patrick asleep on my lap last night
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