We’ve Had a Fun Filled Weekend With Hiking, SUP Yoga, and Dog Training

Our family is having a pretty nice weekend this weekend. It started off with dog training at 9 am Saturday morning with Maggie. She’s in a class designed for teenagers and is doing well in it. The teacher calls her the teacher’s pet because she’s always so happy to see and please the teacher. This week we worked on getting the dogs to settle, to stay off (not jump), and greeting stranger politely. Maggie picked up on these things quickly and even sat when the instructor approached her! She’s a really smart, sweet girl.

After that, we came home and cleaned the whole house. It took an hour and a half/maybe two hours with both of us doing it. I’m always glad to have a clean house. Then, we took Maggie for a hike! We went on the Old Robe Canyon Trail off of the Mountain Loop near Granite Falls. It was a short hike that followed a river for awhile. We turned around a little early because of overgrowth. Overall, we hiked about 1.6 miles, but with the elevation gain I burned extra calories. We really enjoyed the trip.

Then, this morning, I tried Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, which is where you do yoga on a paddleboard. The thing is that I’d never even been on a paddleboard before, so the teacher had to show me and another woman how to paddle out, and use them. I was pretty terrified at first but was able to stand up and paddle myself out to meet the group. Then, the yoga was definitely more challenging on a paddleboard than on even ground, especially because there was wake from nearby boats! Overall I surprisingly did pretty well and only fell in once, when I was trying to rise to a Warrior 1. It was a lot of fun too! They have paddleboard yoga a few times a week in my area so I’m going to try to go to at least one class a week for the rest of the summer. I can say that it was a challenge though!

In terms of my Lyme and EBV symptoms, I did have a sore throat and some chills yesterday, along with stomach issues. I took an Epsom salt bath after our hike and felt much better and have felt better since. So I think that my recent symptoms are likely a herx.

David and I just got back from grocery shopping, and now are doing laundry. Later today we’re going to take Maggie for a walk/hike when it cools down. It’s about 85-90 degrees here today. It’s too hot for her to walk right now.

A note on Patrick, he’s being a doll today. He was really cuddly earlier and was snuggling up to me. He loves to snuggle with me at night, too. He’s a really sweet boy and loves to give kisses!

I’m feeling too, like, I’m finally getting used to living life and being present all day. It’s taken me a while to get here. Some days I still struggle. But, this weekend was pretty fun!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

Cuddling with Patrick
Old Robe Canyon Hike

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