We’re Eventually Going To Put Maggie In Agility Training. Plus, A Pic of Me Doing Frog Pose

We’ve noticed that Maggie is quite a runner and jumper. She loves to run around in circles and after things and tends to be faster than all the dogs around her. When we were at the dog park yesterday, she was outrunning all the other dogs and getting their sticks from them. It was cute, but I felt bad for the other dogs because she kept stealing sticks. She also really loves to jump up high, and can already do jumps at the dog parks we go to. So, when she’s about a year old and done with day training, we’re going to get her into agility training and enter her into doggy Olympics and things.

It was quite nerve wracking to have her off leash at the beach yesterday though. She runs so fast and so far in so little time that I was afraid that she was going to run off. Luckily, she always seems to come back to us though. This particular dog park on the beach doesn’t have any fences and is right next to a railroad track so it’s definitely nerve wracking to have a fast running puppy who doesn’t always listen to commands off leash there. I’ve heard that there are other dog parks on the beach that are fenced that I want to try out.

I was doing lots of inversions and arm balances yesterday, including trying handstand against the wall, and today my left shoulder is kind of sore. I’m going to do a Vinyasa flow today anyways, and just leave out any arm balances or anything that would hurt that shoulder more. I’ve found that even when I have small injuries, that yoga tends to help them as long as I’m mindful of what I’m doing.

Here’s a picture of me attempting frog pose yesterday:

One of my attempts at frog pose yesterday

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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