Maggie Started a Training Class Yesterday, Plus We Went On a Hike

Maggie really is a big ball of energy these days. She’s currently running circles around the house. We’re doing everything we can to train her and to do fun things with her to get that energy out.

Yesterday she started a training class for teenage dogs. It was in person, and it was pretty interesting. There were only 4 dogs in the class and everyone was separated by wooden walls that opened out so that you could see the instructor. Because of the pandemic the puppies were not allowed to interact, which was kind of sad. But Maggie still had fun anyways, and was very interested at least in the other dogs. We worked on look, touch, and recall, and will be working on those commands this week. Maggie had already learned those commands earlier through her private puppy classes, but this was a little more in depth, so it worked out. She did really well in class and after with the commands, and we’ll be practicing them all this week!

After her training class we took her for a hike off of the Mountain Loop Highway (The Old Sauk River Hike). I’d heard on one of my hiking groups that it’s easy and flat, so it sounded perfect for a puppy. It was pretty nice, although you didn’t get to see the river until about 3/4 of a mile in, and we didn’t want to walk more than 2 miles with her. So we didn’t get to see the river as much as we wanted. Next year, when she’s older, we’ll come back and do the full six miles of the hike. It’s also a hike that’s open more of the year than some of the higher elevation hikes, so we could go back this fall or winter when it’s still open.

Me and Maggie hiking yesterday

She also did really well with the hour long car ride to and from the hike. I’ve heard that some doodles get upset stomachs on long car rides but Maggie doesn’t seem to.

The other thing that happened yesterday is that Patrick had to go to the vet in the morning. He didn’t eat the night before and was obviously not feeling well. It turns out that he’s anemic, which they think is a result of his chemotherapy. I’m going to have to make an appointment with his Oncologist to get him a iron shot.

I’m also pretty worried about finances right now. Patrick has been having to go into the vet quite often lately and he needs an MRI and cardio workup next month, which is going to be really expensive. Luckily he does have health insurance so we’ll get at least half of the money back, but still. We’re spending a lot on him right now. Hopefully once we get diagnostics out of the way the costs will go down, but I’m not sure. He might need radiation for his brain tumor. The thing is that we are going to be buying a house in the near future, so we’re trying to save as much money as we can, and that isn’t easy when you have a cat who’s as sick as Patrick. We might buy a townhouse with a lawn to save some money, as long as it doesn’t have mold issues.

Well, Patrick is crawling onto my lap as I write this, so I’d better wrap it up for the day. I hope that this post finds everyone well.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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