We Took Maggie For A Hike Yesterday

We took Maggie on her longest hike yet: a 2 mile hike in a nearby county park. It was a bit hilly, but fun. She really loved the whole experience. She did also, though, try to eat horse poop a couple of times! It seems that when we take Maggie for a walk or a hike, we have to pay attention to her 24/7 to make sure that she doesn’t eat everything around her. She’s very mouthy! I’ve heard that this is common for not just puppies but golden retrievers. And, since she’s half golden, it makes sense that she’s so mouthy. It just means though that I can’t take my eyes off of her sometimes!

I really do love having her as a family member. She loves to cuddle and is very attentive to me when I’m upset about something. Her trainer though thinks that she’s too nervous to be a full service dog. We’ll see about that. I’m still hoping that she can be one.

Maggie and me on a hike
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