We Had A Visit From The Tuxedo Cat Last Night

There was a black and white tuxedo cat that was coming to our house last summer. It tended to instigate fights with our cat Lucy through the bedroom window. A neighbor thought it might be his lost cat so we put out a trap for it for a few weeks, but never were able to catch it. Eventually we stopped seeing it so I assumed it had gone home.

But, last night it was on our deck again! I heard screeching from the bedroom window from Patrick and Perdi last night and looked out to see that the cat was back! Once it saw me it ran to the side of the house. I tried to go out and find it with a cat carrier in hand but I couldn’t.

I might have to talk to my neighbor about borrowing the trap again and putting it out. I don’t know if this cat escaped again or what! All I know is that it is skittish when it sees a person, but tries to scare the cats through the window.

We’ve captured stray cats in our area before, too, and rehomed them, so if this is a stray we could potentially do that.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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