I’m Wearing A Heart Monitor For A Couple Of Days

My naturopath referred me to a cardiologist because my heart rate and blood pressure tend to dip low despite the fact that I’m on stimulants. She thinks that this is related to Lyme Disease and Co-Infections. So, I went to see the cardiologist last week and he is doing some testing on my heart. I got a heart monitor put on yesterday that I am wearing for 48 hours, and then next week I’m getting an ultrasound of my heart. Apparently Lyme can affect the heart and cause long term damage, which can cause fatigue. It’s rare, so it likely hasn’t happened to me, but the doctors want to rule it out anyways.

I’m also seeing an endocrinologist tomorrow about my thyroid and high cortisol levels. It’s a virtual visit. I wish it wasn’t so that they could feel my thyroid, but, that’s what they had for openings.

It seems like I have one or two appointments a day for the next couple of weeks. I’m really busy. Plus, we’re still trying to fit in Patrick to go to the vet and get his MRI and other workups.

I do have a private yoga session this morning, which I’m looking forward to. It is nice enough that we should be able to do it outdoors.

Other than that, I’m just trying to live life as best as I can with how busy I am and still get some writing done.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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