Having A Dog Is Really Helping Me To Live Life Again

We adopted Maggie in March or so, and since then I feel like I’ve really began to flourish again. I’m driving again, and my anxiety is way down, as are my dissociative symptoms. Also, I don’t have repressed memories every day anymore. I’m not 100% sure what about having a dog has helped me so much, but I think that it’s a mixture of getting out of the house to take her for walks and just the love and companionship that she provides that has helped me to heal from so many things.

I also think that the quarantines have been good for me because I haven’t been as pressured to hang around my abusers during this time, and/or people who don’t treat me well. Everyone in our families are following social distancing so I haven’t seen my family very much, and it shows, because I’m doing way better these days than usual.

I feel so much safer, too, having a dog in the house. Maggie is really protective of me, and it makes me feel safe. I’m so glad that we adopted her!

Every morning she cuddles with me when I wake up and showers me with kisses. Patrick does this too to some extent but he’s usually pretty interested in his food first thing in the morning. Maggie, on the other hand, just wants attention and to play with everyone! This morning the two were butting heads when Maggie tried to play with Patrick during food time.

Yesterday Perdi came and curled up to me when I was doing breathing exercises in yoga. It was really cute! And Tempest tends to follow me into the bathroom first thing in the morning these days (we have three cats and one dog if you didn’t already know).

Maggie is starting a dog training class this weekend for teenagers that I’m really excited about. It’s at 9 am though, which is early for me. I should be able to make it though, because I have been waking up earlier these days. I just need to go to bed early. It’s nice that I have the energy to do these types of things.

Back to the subject though, these days I really feel like I’m actually living life versus just trying to survive it. It’s nice! I’m actually enjoying the things that I do and feel happy.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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