I Can Actually Jog Again!

I used to jog all the time my first two years of college, so in 2000-2002. I would sometimes jog up to 5 or 6 miles at a time even. I also weightlifted. One time, while I was lifting weights, the weight machine malfunctioned and the weights fell to a heavier weight than I could handle. I ended up lifting anyways because I didn’t know this had happened, and got a stress fracture on my lower left leg. I thought, though, for a couple of weeks that I was just sore from working out, so I kept running on the injury and lifting weights. Because I kept using my leg after the injury I ended up with tendonitis in that leg and had to stop running. This was my sophomore year in college, in Spring 2002.

Every time I’ve tried to run or jog since, my legs always hurt really badly and I get out of breath easily. I’ve never been able to enjoy it or take it up again. But, it seems like yoga must have helped my form and strength, because I tried a slow jog a couple of times in the last week, and can actually jog for good periods of time without getting winded or sore! I don’t know how yoga helped with this, but it did. I’m very happy about this! I think that I’m going to start jogging maybe every other day, really slowly at first. I’m overly excited about this breakthrough.

I also have my first private yoga session this morning. I’m really excited about that too. Hopefully my self-taught form isn’t that bad.

The other good news is that yesterday I felt my brain fog beginning to really clear up. It seems that the Lyme treatment is really working! I’m feeling so much better and so much more like myself.

I’m also down to sleeping 8 hours a night whereas from about 2009 up until this past year I was sleeping 10+ hours a night to function. I think that the reason why I’m able to sleep less is because I’ve been on medications and supplements for EBV for about a year and a half, and they seem to be helping. I don’t need to sleep all day anymore. It’s nice!

So, overall, things are starting to go a lot better for me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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