I’m Going To Vary My Yoga Practices More

About a week and a half ago, I decided that I wanted to do the Sunrise series (morning series) yoga on Gaia.com all the way through. Each video is about half an hour so I thought that this would be a good way to get some yoga in while still having energy for other things. But, what I found is that a lot of the videos are repetitive, and that I don’t get enough of a workout in the half hour videos, because much of the time after 15 or 20 minutes they start doing restorative poses, even in the Vinyasa videos.

I still want to get through this whole series but want to change things up a bit. So, I’m going to do longer practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday and still do the series on Tuesday/Thursday.

I’m also wondering if part of the reason why I’m not losing weight is because I’m doing the same kind of exercise every day versus varying my exercises. Because of this, I might tweek my workout plan even more in the future.

I also emailed my doctor and am going to get my hormones and cortisol levels checked. I think that this is important because it could be the reason why I can’t seem to lose weight. It would make sense that with hyperthyroid and Lyme that my hormones could be off.

I am feeling much better today, too, than yesterday. Yesterday I felt sick and tired all day because of the loud fireworks that kept me from sleeping the night before (and likely the smoke in the air). Today, after getting a good night’s sleep, I’m feeling much better.

For my yoga practice today, I’m going to do a 45 minute Vinyasa gratitude/detox flow. I really like detox flows because they tend to help me to feel better overall. As a Lyme patient, it’s really important that I detox in any way that I can. This flow is my favorite so far too that I’ve found on Gaia. It’s taught by Steph Schwartz and it always helps me to feel good.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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