I’m Totally Exhausted Today

Even though I love fireworks, if they are loud enough they do really trigger my PTSD. And, last night there were some very loud fireworks around our house that went on until about midnight. I was very scared, as were the littles (child parts), and really had a hard time with it. Luckily, Patrick came and curled up around my head and Maggie around my feet so I was able to feel safe enough to get some sleep. But, the lack of sleep plus emotional exhaustion are pretty high for me today.

We did have a pretty good fourth though. We took Maggie to a dog park that is on the beach, and she had a great time running around in the sand. She even tip toed into the water a little bit!

I also jogged a little on the beach (maybe 10 minutes), which felt really nice. I wonder if part of the reason why I’m having issues losing weight is because I do the same exercises every day. I know that when I lost 50 pounds that I did hiking one day a week, biking one day a week, and the elliptical one day a week, along with strength training twice a week. This helped me to lose 50 pounds. This week the Yoga Asanas I’ve been doing have all been pretty similar, and the walking I do every day is of course the same exercise. So I might need to throw in some different forms of exercise into my routine if I want to actually lose some weight.

I am half a pound lighter today, which is good, and am staying at about the same weight overall. Still, I want to lose about 10 pounds. So I think I’m going to try to add some jogging, biking, and scootering into the mix.

Here are some pictures of Maggie at the beach yesterday:

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