I’m Still Gaining Weight, Despite Doing Yoga and Walking Every Day.

I weighed myself this morning and despite calorie counting on myfitnesspal, intermittent fasting and exercising twice a day I’m still gaining weight! At this point I’m either retaining water, gaining muscle, or one of my medications is causing the weight gain. I am on two psychiatric medications that can cause weight gain so this could be from that, or it could, like I said yesterday, just be from my health conditions themselves. Still, it’s very frustrating, and makes me feel quite out of control that I can’t get a handle on this. When I first started fasting, I lost a couple of pounds a week for about two or three weeks, but now that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

If I continue to gain weight I’m going to have to bring it up to my doctors, because I should be losing weight with everything that I’m doing. They may have to run some more blood tests. We’ll see. At least I’m not gaining a ton of weight or anything, just about a pound this week. Which, still could be a lot over time.

I hate, though, having all these health issues and having to be on meds that cause weight gain like this. It sucks. It makes life a lot harder. Last month we had to spend a bunch of money on new clothes for me because I’ve outgrown my size 2/4 clothes. This makes me angry.

In terms of my yoga challenge, yesterday my husband and I did a hatha Rodney Yee video. It was pretty similar to the two Rodney Yee Vinyasa’s before with lots of sun salutations. I’m trying the sunrise series on Gaia.com and can already feel myself getting a little bored of it since a lot of the videos are repetitive. I know that I need some more core work too than the videos have right now. But, I still want to get through the series because that’s a goal of mine, so I’ll power through it. I think that there are 60 some videos in there so it will take me a couple of months. Hopefully there is more variety later in the series. I’m about halfway through the first season now.

I know that today is the Fourth of July, by the way. It’s an interesting day for me. With all the ritual abuse that I’ve gone through it’s hard for me to be very patriotic. Also, the fireworks always bother me and affect my thyroid and EBV. So, even though I like fireworks, it’s not a good idea for me to be too involved in lighting them off because it can cause a flare. So today we’ll mostly be staying indoors as much as we can. Plus, like I said in my previous post, it’s Maggie’s first fourth, and we don’t know how she will react to it. One of our cats, Tempest, is very afraid of fireworks too and hides underneath things when they go off. Last night there were some fireworks in the area and I found him hiding underneath a chair. So, we definitely tend to stay home during the fourth to take care of him and the other pets.

There’s always a lot of fireworks in our area, though. We live on a hill so if you walk out to the street you can see fireworks going off from all over town in the distance. It’s quite the sight. I usually walk out and watch the fireworks for a few minutes every fourth. Last year, though, this made me pretty sick, so we’ll see what we do this year.

I hope that anyone who’s celebrating stays safe this year. Have a great day!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

1 thought on “I’m Still Gaining Weight, Despite Doing Yoga and Walking Every Day.

  1. It’s probably your meds.


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