I’m Pretty Fatigued From Lyme Medications. I’m Still Doing Yoga.

I started an herbal mixture for chronic Lyme disease yesterday. I was anxious about it because Lyme medications can make Lyme patients feel worse before they are better due to die off/herxing. What herxing is is that when the bugs die off, they release toxins into the body, which can make the person feel worse for awhile. But, herxing/die off does mean that the medications are working, it’s just not a lot of fun to go through.

The main herxing I’ve had since yesterday is just severe fatigue and stomach cramping. Other than that the herxing hasn’t been that severe. I’m really glad about this, although having severe fatigue does suck, it could have been worse. I’m glad that my doctor started me off on a low dose of medication.

I did end up doing the Vinyasa 2 Rodney Yee yoga video yesterday even though I was nervous to do it. I’ve been pretty fatigued lately so I wasn’t sure that I could get through it, but I did. It was still a little fast for me though. I do love Vinyasa flows, but I tend to like slower ones. The good thing about a fast one though is that they do get my heart rate up, and I can burn a lot of calories that way. Yesterday I burned 250 calories in half an hour.

My dental appointment yesterday went well but I do need to have a filling in August. I’m not looking forward to that. I hate getting fillings. I’ll get through it though.

I’m still looking for the right person to do private yoga lessons with. My doctor wants me to have someone come to my home or do it through Zoom since I’m immunocompromised. So far, I’ve found one instructor who’s willing to actually meet outdoors, which would be nice. I’m meeting with another one tomorrow who’s willing to come to my home, too, and then I’ll decide who to go with. I do like how the lessons sound at a local studio in town but feel hesitant to go to a studio right now because of what my doctor said.

I’m a little tired this morning, too, because Tempest was puking up hairballs at 6 am this morning, and Maggie was so concerned that she woke us up by barking about it. She was very upset that Tempest (our long haired black cat) was sick. I did fall back asleep after that but it took a little while to do so. Eventually I was woken up by Tempest whining outside the door, plus Maggie kept trying to start fights with Patrick. There’s never a dull moment around here I guess.

It’s really important for me to get my sleep because of my health conditions. Lately I’ve been doing okay with it.

In terms of my writing, it looks like my children’s book will be published sometime next year. The illustrator I had got Covid-19, so I found another one who is local, but it will take him some time to illustrate it. I’m looking forward to being a published author!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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