I’m Starting Treatment For Lyme Disease Today

I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I’ve likely had it for decades. The last time I remember being bitten by a tick was when I was a kid. I also remember having a lot of bug bites when we went to the Sun Lakes in 2005 in Eastern Washington. It’s been really hard to get this diagnosis. I actually had to see a Lyme Specialist in Seattle to get it. She told me that it might take a year and a half before I start feeling better even with treatments. This means that I still have a long road ahead of me.

My testing came back as still positive for EBV and CMV, so I’m also starting back on Famvir, an anti-viral. I do feel better when I take that. The doctor yesterday told me that she wants me to try to stay home right now as much as I can because I’m so immunocompromised from Lyme and co-infections. That sort of sucks because I was hoping to start going to yoga in a studio, plus we have Maggie signed up for training classes. So we’ll see what happens with those.

Luckily I am just starting herbals for now for Lyme disease. No antibiotics yet. If this works, and helps me, then I won’t have to go on antibiotics. That’s what I’m hoping for, but we’ll see.

In terms of my yoga challenge that I’ve made for myself (doing yoga every day for 30 days), today’s yoga will be a 29 minute Vinyasa Level 2 with Rodney Yee. It’s full of sun salutations and chaturanga. I’m kind of nervous about it because it looks hard, but I’ve done that hard of practice many times. I guess I’m just not looking forward to it because I did a sun salutation flow yesterday from the morning series, so I was hoping for something different. Plus, I need to be careful not to overwork the same muscle group, which is important when you exercise. Hopefully tomorrow’s practice will work different muscle groups.

I’m also kind of stressed today because I have a dental appointment later this morning. Like most people, I don’t like going to the dentist. I’m not looking forward to it, and when you add in the pandemic it makes me nervous to go. But I haven’t had my teeth cleaned for awhile so I need to do it.

The good news is that I took some THC before bed last night (a micro-dose) and actually got an hour and a half of deep sleep according to my fitbit. I tend not to get a lot of deep sleep and get more REM than I need, but last night it seemed like my sleep was more balanced. So that’s good. Hopefully I can learn to get some deep sleep without medications too.

Welcome to my new followers, I saw that I have a few. Thanks for following me. I’ll keep everyone updated on my health, my yoga challenge, and also on how the pets are doing.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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