Maggie Got Spayed Last Week

Maggie was spayed on Thursday of last week. It’s been a little difficult to deal with a hyperactive puppy after a spay. We need to keep her calm and from jumping up and down on things, which is actually hard at times. She’s an active girl and likes to be with us at all times. So, first of all, she’s on sedatives to keep her calm. Secondly, we have a leash on her when she’s not in her crate so that we can keep her from running around and jumping up on things. Then, lastly we have to put her in her crate overnight when we can’t actively watch her. She does not like this though. She’s been whining, crying and barking all night every night since her surgery (when she’s in her crate). She really doesn’t like the crate at all, and David and I are not getting much sleep because of her antics at night. I just keep telling myself that this will only go on for another week and a half, and then she’ll be back to her normal self. She is minding well most of the time so that’s good. She’s only jumped up/down once or twice when she wasn’t supposed to.

Owning a dog is interesting and new to me, though. The only dog I ever owned was when I was a kid, and we only had him for maybe a year. And, he wasn’t a puppy. So, owning a puppy is a totally new thing for me, as is taking care of one after a spay. I seem to be doing okay with it especially with the help of David.

Here are some pictures of Maggie in her cone:

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