I Tried Dry Heat Therapy Yesterday (Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement) And The Results Were Amazing!

I tried something called dry heat therapy/Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement yesterday at a local med spa. I didn’t have any idea of what to expect when I went there; I thought I was getting some type of oxegyn therapy. Instead, I actually had a kind of thermotherapy where you put your hand into a machine that warms up your hand and your body. When the body warms up, it releases toxins, improved blood flow, and helps with nutrient absorption.

It was kind of a weird experience to have my hand(s) in a machine for half an hour. There was another person trying out the machines with me so we made small talk. But, it was just kind of… different. By the end of the session I noticed that I felt tired and my throat hurt. I went home, had my counseling appointment over Zoom, and still had a sore throat/fatigue. Then I ate lunch. I noticed that I felt significantly better after lunch. Within probably an hour after eating I noticed that my chronic pain was totally gone! Like, even more so than when I use THC or other medications. It was pretty amazing. The other thing that I noticed is that I wasn’t as starving as usual. Usually I’m just hungry all the time and always have food cravings. But, yesterday I did not. I was able to even stick to my diet because I didn’t feel as hungry or have as many cravings. This makes me wonder if part of the reason why I’m hungry all the time has to do with circulation or with the fact that I don’t absorb nutrients well.

I’m going to look into what it takes to buy one of these machines for my house. It is recommended to use the machine every day if you have severe chronic pain like me. Although I felt better yesterday, my back already hurts a bit today. So we’re going to call our insurance today and see if they’ll pay for this.

It was really a nice feeling yesterday to be pain free, especially in the back of my neck. I felt like I could really relax. I didn’t even have to take my usual micro-dose of THC. I’m always looking for ways to reduce the number of medications I’m on/frequency of them, so hopefully I’ll be able to do so by using this type of therapy.

I also noticed that my mood was very much improved after this therapy.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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