I’ve Been Going Through What’s Called Herxing Because of a Lyme Medication

The last week or so I’ve been having a herx/die off reaction to a Lyme medication that I was given (artemisinin). It’s been pretty tough. I really haven’t been feeling well and have been having a sore throat, muscle aches, nausea, nerve pain, chills, and fatigue. It’s been pretty uncomfortable. I’ve still tried to do life as much as I could anyways and have been exercising every day.

Last night, though, I read up on what to do when you herx. I found some suggestions, and did a few things. I ordered some deactivated charcoal, which will get here on Wednesday. I also took an Epsom salt bath, took Maggie on a 25 minute walk (light exercise can help), and drank some turmeric bone broth to reduce inflammation. I also used our back massager. By the end of the night I was feeling much better and still am. So that’s good.

Today I’m just trying to figure out if I should exercise once or twice. I really want to do yoga but also need to take Maggie for a walk today so we’ll see. I might do some gentle yoga and then take her for a walk later on. I just don’t want to stress out my body too much while it’s going through this reaction.

Patrick also isn’t feeling well. He hasn’t been eating much and was vomiting the other day. I’ve called the vet and am waiting for them to call me back about what to do about it.

Maggie’s doing well with her training. She’s so cute, and she loves everyone. She may turn out to be a service dog after all!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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