My Reactions to the Possibility that I have Lyme Disease

I talked the other day in my blog that I saw a Lyme specialists who said that I present as a classic Lyme case. She’s doing some testing to confirm, including me taking a supplement for Lyme to see if I get a die off reaction. And, I am getting die off, so this confirms that I likely have it.

It’s kind of crazy to think that all these symptoms that I shrugged off as due to my other conditions- the nerve pain, muscle pain, mood problems, sensitivity to light and sound, and many others, may be due to Lyme disease. I mean, at this point, I’m so used to living with these symptoms that I practically ignore them sometimes. I don’t even notice the nerve pain anymore on the back of my skull, or the constant jaw pain that I have. It’s just my normal and has been for many years.

A diagnosis of Lyme though is quite scary. It’s a pretty serious disease. And, because of die off or what they call herxing, when I start treatments I’ll probably get worse before I get better. That scares me because when I first went on antivirals for Epstein Barr I had five months of die off that ended up landing me in the hospital, where I was misdiagnosed and put in a psych ward. I really hope that this doesn’t happen again. I did talk to another woman with Lyme who also has been put in psych wards for her Lyme symptoms. The thing is getting misdiagnosed in psych wards and not getting the right treatment doesn’t really help people with this disease. Another woman told me that her depression got worse when she started treatment for some time. So I’m kind of nervous about all of this. I honestly just want to be able to keep up my exercise routine, walk Maggie, and keep my weight down, but that will be hard if I end up bedridden due to the treatments I go through.

At least I have answers now. That’s good. But I’m still feeling pretty anxious about this new diagnosis. I had a really hard time sleeping last night. Today I’m going to do 40 minutes of yoga, have my counseling appointment, and am going to take Maggie for a walk. Hopefully this will help with stress.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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