Patrick’s Doing Much Better

Patrick’s been on antibiotics for pneumonia for a couple of weeks now. He’s finally eating all of his food again and is getting his energy back. He’s obviously feeling much better. I’m really glad about this.

The vet called yesterday and let us know that his biopsy results were negative, meaning that he does not have cancer in his nasal cavity. She thinks though that he has an inflammatory condition in that area (inflammatory rhinutus of some sort) and a secondary upper respiratory infection. She said that he may need to be on another round of antibiotics after this one.

While I’m glad that Patrick’s cancer didn’t spread to his nasal cavities, I’m also still upset that he has another inflammatory condition. I know how hard these can be to keep under control in cats. Lucy’s inflammatory condition of IBS plus cancer led to him having a really poor last few weeks of life. So, hopefully, Patrick can still have quality of life despite having this condition.

In terms of my new possible diagnosis of Lyme disease, I’ve been trying a challenge since last night. I was given a medication that makes Lyme patients feel worse. So, if I have Lyme, I should react to it. I think that I am reacting because I was so tired after taking it that I went to bed at 9:30 pm last night. I also woke up with some swollen glands. At the same time, though, my brain fog lessened, which can happen as well (this is a medication for Lyme; the reason it makes you feel worse at first is due to die-off). So, I’m going to email my new doctor about all of this today.

I did do some research on Lyme and found that it matches some of my strange neurological/psychological symptoms that I had assumed were due to dissociation and other conditions that I have. It can cause bad brain fog, sensitivity to sounds and sights, vertigo, and even things like hallucinations. I’ve had all of these symptoms in the past and something in me told me that it wasn’t psychological, even though that’s what doctors kept thinking. Now it looks like this is due to chronic Lyme disease. The only time I remember having a tick on me, too, was when I was about 8 years old on a motorhome trip, meaning that I’ve likely been sick with this for some time.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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