Patrick Likely Has A Brain Tumor

During Patrick’s imaging yesterday the vet found what looks like a 2-3 mm tumor or mass in Patrick’s brain. They said that it’s either a mass or inflammation and that we won’t know for sure what it is or how aggressive it might be until we do an MRI of his brain. But, he went under anasthesia yesterday to have the imaging done and because of his frails state (he has pneumonia and intestinal lymphoma) the vet recommended to wait 4 to 6 weeks before putting him under anasthesia again, which will need to happen if he has an MRI.

So we won’t know for sure what he has for awhile, but regardless of if it’s a mass or inflammation we are supposed to be watching him for things like seizures or changes in behavior. This is because apparently brain changes, whether they be inflammation or a tumor, can result in these things. So right now we are just keeping an eye on him and hoping for the best.

The vet thinks though that it likely is a mass, and said that unfortunately it is in an area that in inoperable. That means that his options will be palliative care (hospice), or radiation. I talked to my Dad last night, who was an Oncology Pharmacist for a lot of years, and he said that radiation can be given in pill form these days and isn’t as intrusive as it used to be. I hope that this is true. Right now Patrick takes his chemo pill at home and it’s quite convenient.

So I’m worried about him after hearing this news. I’m concerned about what the end of his life will look like if this is a brain tumor. And, I’m afraid to lose him. He’s my baby.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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