Patrick Has Pneumonia

I talked in my blog yesterday about how Patrick was having a bunch of testing done yesterday. What they found out is that, first off, the cancer in his intestines and stomach hasn’t grown in that area. So that’s good. But, they also found through chest x-rays that he has pnuemonia, which they think is from post nasal drip. So, he’s going on antibiotics for 10 days and will not be doing chemo again until his pneumonia is cleared up. After that, they will take biopsies of his nasal cavities to see if he has any carcinomas that are causing the nasal symptoms. They are doing repeat chest x-rays in a week to make sure that the antibiotics are helping.

I’m pretty scared for him. I knew something was wrong, and suspected pneumonia, but wasn’t sure. I hope that he isn’t feeling too sick. For now, we’re encouraging him to rest a lot, which means no playing with our dog Maggie. That is hard for both of them.

He did enjoy the car ride home from the vet, though, where he got to ride on my lap and look out the window. I could tell though that he wasn’t happy about being there. I myself, too, and feeling the stress from all of these vet appointments. Life is busy right now!

Patrick’s on my lap right now, just cuddling with me while I write. He really is a very good boy and is doing quite well despite everything. I’m still worried about him though.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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