My Anti-Viral Is On Backorder and I Feel Crappy

My antiviral Famvir is on backorder for a month due to the Pandemic. I didn’t take it this morning because I’m out and I feel really fatigued and drowsy. I’m also low on a supplemental antiviral called L-Lysine because Amazon is delayed in delivery of it. I’ll be getting that on Thursday, but until then, I’m on half the usual dose. So yeah, I’m feeling the fatigue and brain fog that comes with Epstein Barr today and it’s not very pleasant at all. I called my naturopath to see if I should take a different antiviral in the meantime (I have Valtrex here at home) but I’ve found that other prescription antivirals are not as effective for me as Famvir.

Now I’m all worried and anxious about what the next month is going to look like. I know that I can’t go a month feeling this way. I won’t get anything done or be able to exercise, etc. So I’m pretty frustrated and down, and of course am being hard on myself for not taking Maggie for a walk today and not getting my writing done.

I don’t know, it just feels like my brain isn’t working quite right today. It doesn’t feel good. And, I’m also still reeling from the incident with the bully the other day on Facebook. I really got some bad energy from her that I can’t seem to shake off.

And there’s more bad news. Maggie had diarrhea last night all over the bedroom floor, and I haven’t had the energy myself to clean it up. I’m waiting on David to have a break from work to do it. She had more diarrhea this morning too on her morning walk. We’re (or maybe David) is taking her to the vet later today. I’m really worried about her, too. So maybe it’s good that I can’t take her for a walk today as she might need to rest anyways.

Well, sorry for the downer post today. But thanks for reading anyways. Feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “My Anti-Viral Is On Backorder and I Feel Crappy

  1. Prayers are with you my friend, I have been in your predicament often. Im with you in spirit hope for the best optimum outcome.


    1. Thanks! I did manage to go on a hike today and get some writing done even though I’m flaring a bit.


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