An Update on Patrick, Me, and Maggie

I was pretty tired and depressed today. I think part of the reason why is that I was having a lot of repressed memories and intrusive thoughts when I was trying to sleep this morning. So I just haven’t been myself today.

I finally got up and put a cute workout outfit on so that I could take Maggie for a walk. We walked just under a mile around our neighborhood. A few of the neighbors stopped to say hi to her, and she got to say hi to a dog named Chief who lives down the street. She also got to say hi to a puppy her age named Gage.

It’s sunny and warm outside, so it’s a nice day for a walk. I think that partially because of this, by the time the walk was done, I was feeling pretty great. It was also nice to see other people too.

Yesterday Maggie got to play with Gage a little bit on her walk in the evening. We let her off leash when we went by his property, and the two chased each other in circles for about 10 minutes. I was pretty concerned to let her off leash, though, because there are cars and kids on bike on our street. But, she did well and stayed on the grass when she played with the puppy. All in all, it was really adorable to watch.

I’m thinking that having a dog definitely is good for me, even if she doesn’t turn out to be a service dog. She’s already showing very much that she’s an ESA, though (emotional support animal). This morning when I was having flashbacks and memories she curled up to my legs and insisted on being in the room with me. It was very sweet.

On a sadder note, though, Patrick had a small nose bleed last night. This lends more evidence to the idea that he might have a nasal carcinoma (nasal cancer). It was pretty upsetting for me to see. The vet said to just monitor him and that if it happens again, to bring him in. He seems to be doing okay despite it, but it was still scary for me to see another symptom that shows that his cancer may have spread. Hopefully, it is due to inflammation. We’ll know what it is in a couple of weeks after his diagnostics next week.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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