Maggie Went Of Her First Walk Yesterday And Did Great!

The last couple of months have been hard on me and on Maggie. She’s a goldendoodle puppy, meaning that she’s full of energy. But, because she hadn’t had her final puppy shots yet, we weren’t able to take her on walks outside of our yard and burn that energy off! Because of this, she’s been getting into all sorts of mischeif.

What we did do was purchase a puppy package from the dog trainer Lise at Paws Afoot. One of the things that we worked with was loose leash walking, which we practiced both in the house and in our yard/property. Still, she seemed to struggle with it a bit in our property, but we kept trying. Eventually we got her to walk 9 laps at a time around our house with cheese treats as her guide. Still, we weren’t sure how her first walk was going to go outside of the house.

We took her to the local trail yesterday and she actually did great! She didn’t pull too much and stayed next to either David or I most of the time. We walked for about 20 minutes. I could really tell that all her training was coming in handy! There was also another goldendoodle on the trail who was the same age as Maggie (four months), who was all over the place in comparison to Maggie, who walked well by our side for the most part. I was really quite shocked at how well she did. All that training really paid off!

Today Maggie turns four months old. She also starts day training today! I’m sure that she’ll love it.

Here’s a picture of her on her walk. I was able to get her to sit for pictures.

Maggie really loved going for a walk yesterday

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2 thoughts on “Maggie Went Of Her First Walk Yesterday And Did Great!

  1. I have a golden doodle too!!


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