Patrick’s Still Kind of Sniffly, Plus Updates on Maggie’s Training

Patrick was diagnosed with a URI a few weeks ago and given antibiotics. He did better for awhile, but then on some days he ends up all sniffly again. I’m actually kind of worried that he might be allergic to dogs, or that Maggie is carrying pollens that he’s allergic to on her coat. I’ve read that this can happen (dogs bringing in allergens after they go outside) and since Patrick’s allergic to everything this likely could be the culprit of his problems. The article I read about this said that if there are allergy sufferers in the home that you need to make sure to brush the dog’s coat a lot to get the outdoor allergens off of it, and also to give the dog more baths. We need to work on doing these things more.

Maggie is still also trying to play fight with Patrick, who usually is not a fan of the fighting. She likes to put her whole mouth over his head, which he doesn’t like at all. Then she gets slobber all over him. His poor face will be soaking wet! We usually seperate them when she starts to get too aggressive in their play. Sometimes if they’re playing well and both enjoying it then we’ll leave them alone though.

Yesterday Maggie started trying to eat cat poop out of the litterboxes. We’re going to have to find some way to keep those away from her. We’ve tried putting barriers around the litterboxes but she seems to be finding ways to get around them. We can’t put the hole on the top of the litterbox because of Patrick’s late stage arthritis. We may have to put the litterboxes in a room with a cat door or something that’s too small for Maggie to get through.

The other cute thing about Maggie that I need to get on video is that she snorts, particularly when she is giving us kisses first thing in the morning. She gets really excited and makes cute little snorty noises when she licks us in the face. It’s so adorable!

As much as I love Maggie part of me still wonders if we should have gotten a puppy. It turns out they are a lot of work, and, both of us are really sleep deprived! Also, she’s still struggling with potty training due to her bladder crystals. She is starting day training next week, and hopefully the trainer can help with potty training and other basics like that before we launch into service dog training.

She’s also still bites a lot and jumps up on me all the time and tends to scratch my legs and arms if they are uncovered. We’re working on the command “off” all the time. We use it, too, when she tries to wrestle with Patrick. Hopefully the day trainer can work with her on jumping, too, and her tendency to bark all the time, which she does do as if she’s having a conversation with us.

This morning, though, she was quiet enough so that both of us got to sleep in a little after we let her out of her crate to sleep with us at about 7 am. David slept until 9 am, and I slept until 10. I think that we both needed the sleep.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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