Maggie Is Already Picking Up on Service Dog Skills, Plus I Need A Nap

Maggie has already learned how to come up to me when I’m panicking (in particular, my littles are panicking), and give me kisses on the face to bring me out of it! She did this all on her own once, and ever since then I’ve been encouraging it. Being a puppy, though, she’s nowhere close to being an actual service dog, but she is on her way! I’m very proud of her.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I started reading a book that I’ll put below about deprogramming and parts of it were so scary to me that I could barely sleep. A lot of it really hit home to me. Plus, Patrick woke everyone up at 7 am, which didn’t help me to sleep in at all. I’m about to go and take a nap!

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