I’m Really Going To Try To Relax This Week

I have a hard time relaxing and not doing something that I consider productive. Even though I haven’t worked since 2013, it seems that every day I find some way to do something, even if it is just the dishes, taking care of the animals, and doing healing work from my trauma. But, I’ve decided that I need a break in general. So, I’m not going to do any writing, exercising, or cleaning this week (I can’t do the last two anyways due to back pain) and try to just focus on taking care of myself and the animals as much as I can. Randomly hurting my back basically because I was exhausted and not lifting things/doing yoga the right way has shown me that I definitely need to slow down for awhile.

I still have a number of appointments this week but I might take a break from trauma work outside of those. I’ve been working hard on my trauma and on myself for many years, and I think that I need to just relax for awhile. I’ve come a long way and am doing better, and it’s okay for me to take a break from it.

In a week and a half Maggie will have had her final shots and will be ready to go on walks outside. Hopefully at that point I’ll be feeling better and can do so. Until then, it’s going to be rest, rest, rest.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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