I Strained A Muscle in My Back

I strained a muscle in my back on Saturday. I did do yoga that day, but it was weird because I did a pretty gentle yoga in comparison to what I usually do. I’m not sure what exactly caused the muscle strain because I didn’t notice it until the next morning, when I woke up at 5:45 am and couldn’t sleep. I might have just strained it because I was tired and was leaning over to pick up and carry the animals around a lot.

I went into the doctor today because of it to make sure that nothing else was wrong. The weird thing is that they tried to put me on the Covid-19 (respiratory) wing because I’ve recently had flu like symptoms. But when I told them that I was there for back pain they switched me to a different floor. The whole thing was weird and scary. Luckily they had workers opening doors and elevators for everyone, so we didn’t have to touch many things.

My sleep wasn’t great last night because of the pain, and also because my PTSD was triggered. People are still sending me religious stuff through IM so I’m probably going to have to limit who can talk to me on there. I don’t like getting flooded with memories and intrusive thoughts like I was last night.

Maggie is starting to do very well with her training. I put up a youtube video of one of her training sessions yesterday. Here it is:

One of Maggie’s training sessions

Also, Maggie is doing much better with leaving Patrick alone when he doesn’t feel well. Patrick is still quite lethargic from his URI and I am waiting on a call from the vet about what to do about it.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you enjoy the video. Feel free to comment below.

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