Patrick Has An Upper Respiratory Infection, Plus Maggie is Very Hyper This Morning

We took Patrick to the vet yesterday where he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. He was given an antibiotic shot (Convenia) to help. Then we made a recheck for two weeks out.

Maggie has been very hyper these past couple of days. It really started though at about 11:30 pm last night, when she was running all throughout the house. I played fetch with one of her toys with her for about half an hour to get her to go to sleep. Then, this morning, she woke us up about 6:45 wanting to use the bathroom and get attention. After that she laid with us while we slept until 8:15 or so, and then just was really barky all morning. Now, she’s tormenting poor Patrick to try to get him to play with her, but Patrick doesn’t feel well enough to play. He keeps biting her in protest and accidentally bit me too because he was sitting on my lap while she was badgering him, and my hand was in the way. It was a pretty sharp bite and drew blood. I put rubbing alcohol on it right away. I don’t know how Maggie keeps fighting with Patrick when he bites so hard, but she does.

Today we have a session with our trainer. Hopefully she can recommend some things for us when it comes to Maggie’s hyperactivity. Also, we found a doggie daycare that is still open, so we want to see if she recommends it.

On another note, I’m still getting Christian spam to my Facebook inbox. I know that the people doing it think that they are helping me or something but actually, because of the ritual/sexual abuse I went through, those IMs are extremely triggering. I’ve said something to one of them and will probably start having to stand up for myself more. I don’t need to be triggered all the time.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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