Patrick’s Sick

The cats started having what I think was a feline herpes flare (similar to a human cold) about a week ago and now it looks like it might have progressed to an upper respiratory infection in Patrick. It started off with Perdi just sneezing all day for a full day or so. She also had discharge from her eyes quite a bit for a couple of days. Tempest started sneezing a lot too, and then it moved into Patrick. Of course, though, Patrick had to have chemo on Sunday in the midst of it, and now his stuffiness just won’t go away. The other two seem okay at this point but we’re taking all three into the vet later today just to be on the safe side.

Patrick sleeps next to my head at night and so I could hear him sniffling and sneezing all night. He keeps licking up the discharge from his nose, which worries me. I don’t want this to turn into pneumonia or something. I’ve been trying to clean up the discharge before he licks it up but he’s quick.

I had a hard time sleeping because I’m worried about him. The thing is that because our state is low on medical equipment, the local vets have been giving theirs to the local human hospitals. This means that they are low on them for animals as well as humans right now. I’m hoping that Patrick can get through this with antibiotics and nothing more.

He’s on my lap right now and I can hear him sniffling. It’s sad. And yesterday he sneezed right in my face! It’s gross, I know, but he couldn’t help it. He’s so stuffy.

I’ll write a blog post today or tomorrow after he sees the vet.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Patrick’s Sick

  1. Poor Patrick. I hope the dear gets better soon. It’s always hard when a pet is ill. I know you aren’t religious, but I will still keep ya’ll in my prayers.


    1. Thanks! It turns out that he has an upper respiratory infection. He’s on antibiotics.

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      1. Oh, good. Get better soon little guy. ❤


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