I’m Trying to Take It Easy Today

Yesterday I ended up cleaning the kitchen and both bathrooms for about an hour, and took Maggie for a 15 minute walk on top of that (and an 8 minute one in the evening). I already wasn’t feeling 100%, but did feel better after some movement. Today, though, I’m feeling really exhausted, so I’ve decided that I need to rest today. I wanted to do Yoga but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I do hate rest days. I don’t do well with resting. I’ve always liked to just get things done, so having chronic health problems where I have to take days off is hard for me. But, I know that I need to do it, so I do.

I’ll probably watch tv today and movies, and maybe play some video games. I might take Maggie on a short walk. But overall, I need to pace myself.

Also, I’m looking into going to a Lyme literate doctor and getting tested for Lyme and other things. I got my test results from my naturopath and she only tested for the IgM part of the four part Epstein Barr test, meaning too that I don’t actually know if I’m in remission. So, either I need to get her to run the right test of find someone else who can. It’s very frustrating to go to multiple doctors and never have the right test run. The four panel antibody test hasn’t been run on me since August, meaning that we don’t know my Epstein Barr status.

But the Lyme literate doctors tend to not take insurance and are expensive. So we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

3 thoughts on “I’m Trying to Take It Easy Today

  1. Wow have I been there. With this time off would you be interested in having a video session of IFS therapy? Im not charging during the quarantine for those who have suffered as i have. But know that you are not alone and i am praying for you


    1. Thanks, but I’m already doing virtual therapy right now. I’m really sensitive to new therapy types and stick with my counselor because he’s a DID specialist. Thanks though

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  2. I already am doing virtual therapy sessions. What is IFS though?


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