I’m Not Feeling 100%

I started having stomach issues again on Thursday, which turned into stomach issues and really bad fatigue over the weekend. It was frustrating because I had planned on cleaning my house over the weekend and didn’t get a chance to. I do feel better today, but am still a little nauseous, but am less fatigued. My nose is also really runny. So, I can’t decide what to do today. Should I try to do some Yoga? Clean the house? Pick up some tea from the tea shop? I’m not sure. At least I’m not as tired today as I was over the weekend, but I don’t want to push myself and end up more tired.

Right now I’m working with the publisher and illustrator in order to format my book. Unless we do illustrations and text on each page, there will only be about 15 illustrations. I was hoping for more, but that would make the book too long. I’ll figure out what to do along with the illustrator. I just hope that everything works out okay.

We’ve been doing a lot of training with Maggie. This week she is working on look and touch, as well as being trained to leave the cats alone. Whenever she gets too hyper with the cats, in which she’ll jump all over them, especially Patrick, we put her in a 15 second time out. She’s slowly learning not to jump on the cats, which is important because Patrick has arthitis in his back and legs so shouldn’t be jumped on like that. She’s definitely learning right now. She’s also doing a good job at not biting at our hands anymore!

This morning David put Maggie in the bed with me and she was licking at my face and trying to clean my hair! It was pretty cute. Lucy used to clean my hair too, so it’s interesting that our new pet does that as well.

Patrick really wanted all of my attention all weekend! He wanted to be on my lap just about every second and got very upset whenever I had to get up to do something. He’s definitely jealous of Maggie because she gets to go outside with mommy all the time and he doesn’t! The last time, though, that we took him for a walk with Maggie he ate a bunch of grass and threw it up all over the bathroom floor! So he hasn’t gotten to go for a walk for a couple of weeks.

In terms of Covid-19, we’re still under the stay at home order for Washington State, and Trump just extended federal social distancing to April 30th. The problem right now is, though, that everyone wants to get outside, and despite the fact that parks in the area are closed, people are still flocking to them. All this does is make crowds and put people at risk. Once Maggie gets her shots, we may go to a park that is open (if there is one) with no crowds with her, but we’re not going to go to the busy ones. I don’t want to risk getting sick. Also, I guess that cars are being towed from closed off parks and trails. It’s sad that people won’t follow the social distancing guidelines.

I hope that this blog post finds everyone well. If you want, tell me how your current life is going with all the shutdowns in the comments below!

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