I Started T3 Medication Today, Plus An Overall Update

I saw my naturopath on Tuesday. I was afraid to go in because of Covid-19, but went in anyways because I knew that she wanted to go over test results with me. It turns out that my T3 (one of my thyroid markers) is low, so she wrote me a prescription for another thyroid medication, which I started today. I’ve actually never been on T3 medication and it’s been low on and off, so hopefully this really helps my symptoms.

Also, she told me that my Epstein Barr (EB/mono) is currently in remission I’m really happy about this. Also, it means that I’m not as high risk if I were to get covid-19. I still don’t want to get it, though, because even if I got through it, having it might cause a relapse back into an EB flare. And I don’t want that. I recenlty had EB for over a year, if not quite a bit longer, and don’t want to go back to having it. It’s pretty miserable to have that for so long.

It is so eery though to go outside right now, and scary. When I went to the naturopath’s I wore an N-95 mask and gloves. Afterward, we went to the store. There was a worker in the front who was disinfecting carts and signs on the floor as to where to stand in lines so that you are six feet apart from each other. I didn’t like going to the store right now but we had to pick up prescriptions and drop one off from my naturopath, plus we needed groceries. David and I put on hand sanitizer as soon as we got in the car and washed our hands before and after putting away groceries. Hopefully that’s enough, with the mask, to protect us.

One of my cousins and her son may have Covid-19. She works at the front desk at a medical clinic, and thinks that she got it at work. She’s having the classic symptoms, including fast heart rate, and her son had to go to the ER because of it last night (he’s three). Luckily, he doesn’t have pnuemonia, and was tested for Covid-19. Her test should come back tomorrow, but his will take one to two weeks to come back. I think that it’s ludacrous that testing takes that long in this country. It kind of pisses me off.

And then there’s Trump, telling everyone that we’ll be in church for Easter…. Ugh. Is he trying to kill off his supporters or something?

The good news about this whole thing is that the earth is healing while we all take this break (well, some of us) and sit in our houses. I’m seeing reports that the Ozone is repairing itself, waters are clear again, animals are swimming in the canals of Italy… maybe this is just what the Earth needed.

I myself actually feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally because one of my “gifts” as an empath is that I feel what the earth itself feels. I always get sick when the earth suffers, and I feel better now that it’s getting healthier again. Also, things are so much more quiet in general with everyone home. I feel that as well. I feel more peaceful than I have for awhile.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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