It Turns Out That Maggie Needs a Job In The Household

Yesterday Maggie, our new 12-week old puppy who we are going to train to be my service dog, was a little out of control. She woke up very hyper after whining for attention half the night, and then woke up and chased the cats all over the house. She was distracted while I trained her because the cats were eating, and she kept laying down on our walks around the house. She also had a couple of accidents in the house.

We weren’t sure what was going on. At food time, she cried, and whined, and did not want to eat by herself. She kept trying to run to Patrick. It looked like she was worried about him (Patrick has intestinal cancer and has issues eating). So finally, we put her in the kitchen to eat with Patrick, and she calmed right down! They both ate near each other and both of them ate their food, even Patrick!

Last night she actually was pretty quiet most of the night. I was pretty shocked! This morning David let her help him feed the kitties by just following him around while he did it, and then she ate with Patrick again. She’s much calmer today. It turns out that she already needs a job around the house (helping out with the kitties) at only 12 weeks old! I think that she is going to make a great service dog in the future!

Here’s a picture of Maggie and Patrick eating together last night:

As you can see, she is insisting on helping to watch over the cats. She’s a very good doggie! Patrick seems to be enjoying the company as well, which is good. Most of you know that he lost his brother (littermate) to cancer last month.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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