Another Day in the Midst of a Pandemic

David and I have been self-quarantining for about a week or two. The only time that we have left the house is for doctor’s appointements or trips to the store. We did have the dog trainer over on Thursday, though, which I am happy about, since we need some extra help with Maggie. We also had an environemental inspection done on our house to check for mold last week, and luckily they did not find high levels of mold. They did find higher than normal levels of chemicals throughout the house and recommended a few things to reduce those levels. Other than that, though, we haven’t had visitors over for awhile, which is kind of sad because I was hoping to socialize our new puppy Maggie to a lot of different types of people and environments right now. Instead, she is spending nearly all of her time with just David and I and is becoming quite dependent on us. We’re worried about her developing social anxiety.

Due to a mayoral declaration, her puppy preschool in Everett closed before she could even begin it, and her training sessions will now need to be online. Everett, which is close to where I live, ordered shelter in place for it’s residents. This means that non-essential businesses are closed. So, as I said, Maggie won’t be starting puppy preschool this week and her puppy class was pushed back as well.

I’m hoping that she will still be able to get her last round of shots in a few weeks. It would be too bad if she had to stay on the lawn for walks for longer than that. Right now we are just walking her in laps around the yard to leash train her since she doesn’t have all of her shots. I’m hoping that she can get her shots next month despite the quarantines so that we can at least take her for walks around the neighborhood.

David and I have been playing Stardew Valley today. Our character should be pregnanty and having a baby in about 10 days or so, which is exciting. We really enjoy playing video games together.

David also went to the store today to get a few necessitites. I stayed home. This is our usual routine right now since I’m more high risk than he is.

In other news, my nephew, who is 12, is struggling with asthma right now. Apparently, he’s coughing a lot. My sister assured me that he does not have Covid-19. I hope that he does not.

I had my counseling session online yesterday and since we are doing video sessions right now, scheduled my next one during the week. I’m looking forward to having next weekend free of appointments.

I also recieved an email from Patrick’s Oncologist stating that it’s safe to move out his next ultrasound to July at the latest because he is stable and doing well. That’s good news. Hopefully he will be able to remain stable throughout this whole pandemic.

I’ve read that hospital beds are already in short supply in my area (Washington State) and that the US is in the top three countries in terms of how fast Covid-19 is growing. The whole thing is pretty scary for me because I already have pre-existing conditions. I hope that everyone is staying home, staying safe, washing hands, etc., even if you are not high risk so that you protect people like myself.

In other news, I sent my latest revision of the Silver and Spot book to my publisher. She likes it, and is hoping to publish it once I get illustrations. I have a illustrator so that shouldn’t be a problem. It looks like I’m going to be a published author! I do worry though about how well we can advertise the book in a pandemic.

Oh, and I also want to say that I am very glad that I no longer need AA in order to stay sober! I’m glad that I found my own way, because right now meetings are closing, or being closed. I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about going to AA meetings right now.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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