A Note on Why It’s Important to Slow the Coronavirus: It’s Not Just About Death Rates, or the Medical System

We live in uncertain times. Last night, the governer of California ordered a lockdown of the entire state, which some are saying is the largest lockdown in the history of the world. Some people are happy about this, and some are upset.

I actually wish that something like this would be done for Washington State. The reason why is that people are not adhering to social distancing. For example, Trump made national park entry free, and so now apparently the parks are full and crowded and so are the trails. According to a lot of hikers that I talk to, people out there are not observing social distancing.

While I know that it sucks to have to stay home, I think that we should, or at least if we go out stay six feet away from each other. This is because the problem isn’t just with people dying. The problem is: what happens if everyone gets sick all at the same time? Most people are making the argument that we have to protect the medical system. But what about our basic needs?

A water line broke the other day in the town that I live in. Some people went without water for a couple of hours. As this happened, I reflected on how lucky we are to have workers who will come and fix a water mane within a matter of hours.

But, what if all those workers were sick with coronavirus? Even if they weren’t hospitalized, they might not be well enough to come into work. What happens, then, to people’s access to water? How long before it gets fixed? This is the problem the spreading coronavirus, is that even a mild case can wipe you out. Who will grow our food if farmers are too sick to do it? Again, setting aside death counts, which everyone is focusing on, what if we all get sick at once? That’s what the government is trying to prevent right now.

The truth is that we rely on each other to be healthy and functional more than we realize. We need people to be able to stay healthy in order to keep our society going during this pandemic. That’s why we need to slow the growth of the virus now. I actually hope that the government, as I said earlier, takes a stricter stance than they already are. I would hate to see food shortages, medicine shortages, water and heat outages, or even internet outages because too many people got sick at once and our infastructure collapsed.

So let’s stay home when we can, and practice social distancing when we go out. And, some sources are saying to assume that you have the virus and are a carrier. Think of the people who you would not want to carry this too, and think outside the box. Don’t just think of your elderly parents, grandparents, or friends and family with medical conditions. Think of everyone, our whole society. Do you really want your garbage man to be exposed and be down for the count when your garbage needs pickingn up? How about the farmers that work on the farm that you get your favorite meat from (maybe from the grocery store)? What about grocery store workers who are there to help you purchase food? What happens when they all get sick? Please, today and always, treat everyone with respect, and love, which right now includes social distancing. Thanks!

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