I’m Hanging In There

Washington State is basically closed except for the essentials right now. It’s quite strange. The truth is that even though I stay home most of the time, because I dislike driving and am agoraphobic, it’s different now. Before I could push myself to get out when I really wanted to, but now it’s just even more terrifying to go outside. I have an ultrasound of my thyroid today and will probably take my clothes that I wear off after I get home and put them in a laundry pile. I really don’t want to go but my doctor wants to see what’s going on with it, and it was urgent enough that the procedure was improved in the middle of a pandemic. Great…..

Maggie is a big bundle of energy! She wants to play with everyone too, especially Patrick, who’s hating life right now because of it. She keeps trying to hump him. Poor guy. Luckily we have a dog trainer coming over here tomorrow to help us.

Patrick had chemotherapy this week. He didn’t eat well for a couple of days, but now is eating better. I’m glad that he doing okay despite having a dog in the house.

And, David is working from home, which he also doesn’t like. We’re getting through it okay, though.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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