Are The Statistics Regarding Covid-19 Skewed?

I started coming down with chills, a low grade fever, and fatigue on Wednesday. I went to the doctor’s and he thought that my problems were related to my thyroid. By Thursday night, though, I was having gastrointestinal symptoms that told me that I had picked up on some kind of bug.

By Saturday night my temperature was getting up to 99.4, which for someone with a low thyroid (we have lower temperatures than most people) is high. So I made an appointment for an urgent care the next day.

What I noticed in terms of Covid-19 testing here in Snohomish County is that they are still only testing people who have fevers of over 100 and who have the classic symptom of a cough. Also, they are still focusing on testing and screening people who have been out of the or who have been around someone with known coronavirus 19.

The problem with this is, though, is that it seems that more and more people are getting coronavirus (Covid-19) and are either unaffected/asymptomatic or show mild symptoms. And, these people are not being tested for it. What this means is that the statitistics, at least for Washington State and the death rate of Covid-19, are seriously skewed.

What if, because only the most serious cases are being tested and confirmed, the death rate of Covid-19 is highly overestimated? Or, is it underestimated, because those with mild illness can still develop complications later on? The issue is that we don’t know, because testing is so limited right now and unavailable in the United States. This brings up more questions. Is the Governer’s response overzealous, or is he not doing enough? Since we don’t actually know the number of cases, again, it’s hard to say. I, personally, think that the limits are a good thing, because we don’t want to overwhelm the health care system all at once with severe cases.

Still, what we must also realize is that coronavirus is here, and even with all these restrictions, it’s likely not going away anytime soon. Even after the 8 weeks is up, you could still get it next year during the flu season. Hopefully by then we might have a vaccine and better ways to treat it. Just remember that the main worry right now is making sure that the health care system is not overwhelmed with too many people at once, like in Italy, where the elderly are having to be turned away from treatment.

I’m hoping that people will stay inside and practice social distancing, but I was at the store yesterday and did not see that happening. I myself wore an N-95 mask and used hand sanitizer before and after, as did David. But I didn’t really see anyone else taking precautions except for the fact that of course, toilet paper was all gone. The store was really full, and people were not distancing themselves from another. It was quite scary to me. I realize that people are stocking up right now, but because so little is known about the virus, and people are not practicing social distancing, I believe that social distancing needs to be enforced, and that it probably will be.

In terms of my own health, I’m still having gastrointestinal symptoms, but my temperature is down. I’m pretty fatigued so took a three hour nap this morning. Also, I got my thyroid antibody results back and they are high, meaning that I am having an autoimmune flare. My doctor wants me to go on steriods but I’m not going to because they’ll only weaken my immune system more, and will not actually reverse the problem, just mask the symptoms. So I’m going to talk to my naturopath about how to bring antibodies down.

Thanks for reading! I hope that this blog post finds you well. Feel free to comment below.

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