I’m Going To Urgent Care Today And Am Frustrated About It!

I’m going back to urgent care today because my symptoms are worsening. I started feeling really fatigued and having chills with a low grade fever on Wednesday. By Thursday night I was having diarrhea and stomach cramps and was really uncomfortable. That has been continuing through today. Last night I lost my appetite and my fever was getting up to about 99.4 or so. I’ve also started getting nauseaus and really dizzy/light headed, especially if I try to get up and do anything. I also had a really sore throat yesterday. Today my stomach feels a bit better in terms of the pain and cramping but I’m still really nauseas and light headed. My nose is really stuffy too. I’m hoping that I’m not developing walking pneumonia again, which I had a few months ago.

What pisses me off, though, is that this feels like the flu, and that yet again my primary care doctors didn’t test for it or anything. I saw one of them on Thursday (the second day that I had it) and he thought that I was having an autoimmune flare, which likely I am, but I definitely have some kind of flu on top of it. I wish that they would have done the testing on Thursday so that I don’t have to go to the urgent care today and risk coronavirus exposure. I live in Snohomish county in Washington State and right now is not the time to be having to go to multiple doctors appointments just to get the right diagnosis. I do have an N-95 mask that I am going to wear, and I’m going to wear disposable rubber gloves when I’m out. Still, the whole thing scares me. I don’t need to be any sicker than I already am.

So yeah, I’m pretty frustrated. I’m frustrated that my doctors at my primary care always seem to slough off my viral symptoms on Hashimoto’s or Chronic Fatigue and don’t test me for anything. They are the ones who missed that I had walking pneumonia in the first place because I didn’t show the obvious symptoms of coughing or chest tightness. I just felt really dizzy when I had it and got light headed easily. The only reason why they figured out that I had it was through routine bloodwork.

I also may asked to get tested for Covid-19 just to rule it out, but, I doubt that they will test me because I don’t have a cough or fever above 100. Still, my masseuse works for the school district (bus driver) and was in the same building that the first coronavirus patient in our town was. She did cough a couple of times during our last massage but she has allergies, so I thought that everything would be okay. Now I’m sort of worried, though, because when I get stuff I don’t always have classic symptoms because I’m so immunocompromised. David also shared a meeting room (at a different time though) with someone at his work who had Covid-19. He hasn’t shown any symptoms though, but still. The whole thing is quite scary. I’ve read that it can spread quite easily and that some people can have it and never show symptoms. Anyways, I’m just going to explain this to the doctor today and see what they say to do. As I said, I doubt they will test me, but they might.

Well, I’m going to leave you all with a cute dog picture. I got up at 5:30 am this morning and was drenched with sweat for some reason. I got up and ate some oatmeal because I knew I needed to eat, and then got Maggie out of her crate and had her sleep with me for the rest of the morning. She didn’t have any accidents, and I got some more sleep.

Here’s a picture of her curled up in our bed:

2 thoughts on “I’m Going To Urgent Care Today And Am Frustrated About It!

  1. I hope you are okay


  2. They think that it’s the flu or stomach flu


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