I’m Having Some Issues With My Health Right Now and Am Isolating At Home (Preventatively)

This whole Covid-19 thing is pretty scary for me. I saw my doctor yesterday and he told me that I’m one of the at-risk groups for coronovirus, and to stay home except for to go to doctor’s appointments. He told me, too, that when I get home from an appointment to wash my clothes and take a shower right away. He said that because I have Hashimoto’s I’m in the high risk group.

I haven’t written for a few days because I haven’t been feeling well. My doctor thinks that I’m having a Hashimoto’s/Autoimmune flare and wants to start me on Prednisone. I’m not sure about starting it, though, because it is an immunosuppressant and we are in a pandemic right now. So I might see if I can hold off and find something else to help me through this flare.

He also thinks that there is a chance that I have Hashimoto’s encephalitis, which is caused by high antibody levels and a low thyroid. He did some labwork on me yesterday to check my antibodies. I looked up the symptoms for this and they really fit how I’ve been feeling the last few years. Hopefully I don’t have to take the steroids and end up on them for the long term.

I also just went off of lamotrogine, a mood stabilizer, because it was worsening my EBV. So now I’m going through withdrawals from that. Overall, I feel pretty miserable, and am really anxious because this is not a good time to be going through all of this. I’m going to still do my best, though, in terms of taking care of myself right now.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night due to anxiety and going down on lamotrogine. I let Maggie, our puppy, out of her crate and cuddled with her a bit and that seemed to help me go back to sleep. I can’t wait until she is potty trained and can sleep with us in our bed!

For those in other areas than me, all of our schools have been closed for six weeks and large social gatherings are cancelled. We are being told to stay home if sick, and to use social distancing. I’m betting that more measures will be taken soon to quarantine. I live in Washington State.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “I’m Having Some Issues With My Health Right Now and Am Isolating At Home (Preventatively)

  1. Thank you for your article. I am high risk too, age 66 with blood pressure issues. Take care take heart. You are not alone.


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