It’s Been a Long Week

Maggie’s still barking at night, so I’m not getting as much sleep as usual and am quite exhausted. My thyroid is already low so that’s not helping. I’m also still gaining weight which I assume is from the low thyroid, so that’s frustrating. Hopefully once I get up on my dose in a few weeks that will stop.

I had a massage on Wednesday that flared my EBV symptoms a bit. I had a sore throat, chills, fatigue, and other symptoms after it. I did feel better a couple of days afterward, though. Then, on Saturday David and I checked out a new tea room in our town that gives head and foot massages. The head massage really relieved tension that I didn’t know that I had.

Yesterday was a pretty good day overall. I did some yoga, and took Maggie outside a few times. It was fun.

I also got some confusing lab results back. I had the EBV CPA test done, which shows how much EBV I have in my blood. The result was negative. According to my doctor (who doesn’t seem to know about any of this), this means that I don’t have an active infection. But according to other tests I do. So, I’m not sure what to think. I really need to find a specialist in this area but can’t seem to find any around where I live. I am seeing my naturopath tomorrow and am going to bring in my results to her and see if she can intrepret them.

I’m still waiting on lab results, too, from 4 weeks ago through my primary clinic. Someone is supposed to call me today to tell me when they should be getting back. I’m wondering what happened…. are these tests going to have to be re-run? It’s weird that they aren’t back yet, and it’s making me anxious.

We decided to sign up Maggie for four individual at home training sessions with a trainer, a puppy basics class that starts in a couple of months, and puppy preschool at a local business. We really want to get her trained well as a puppy because I want her to be my service dog in the future. Also, we want her to get along well with the cats and right now she’s a little mouthy. I’m looking forward to do all this training with her. Hopefully I can keep up with it though with all my health issues.

David’s working from home this month because of coronavirus. This means that Maggie and the cats are getting tons of attention and cuddles. I think that it good for them. It also means that I myself don’t have to take her out every two hours or so– I have some help with that right now.

In terms of my writing, I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of publishers in regards to my children’s book. I should be hearing from them in the next month.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

5 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Week

  1. I’m in recovery and I’m glad to see are too. I think I left yous comment wondering if you’re still in AA. If you are not in AA, what do you do?


      1. What do you do for work? I appreciate your knowledge and was wondering if you would collaborate on a children’s book about addiction.


  2. I’m currently disabled by my health conditions. I’d rather not write a children’s book about addiction, sorry. It’s just not something that I’m interested in anymore. I don’t really believe in the standard disease models.


  3. I believe that compulsive behaviors are pretty much always secondary to larger underlying problems that a person might have, such as social anxiety, PTSD, childhood abuse, ACEs, autism/ADHD, etc., etc., etc. I would rather write books that address those issues than the secondary issue of substance abuse.


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