It’s Hard and Exciting To Have A Puppy

Neither David or I have had a puppy before. We’re learning that it’s a lot of work to have one. Maggie has figured out that she likes to go outside to use the bathroom, but since she’s only 9 weeks old, she needs to go every hour or two. This means that she has started waking us up by barking and whining about every one to two hours or so at night so that she can go outside. It’s pretty exhausting. And if we don’t get up right away she barks loudly until we do. David and I just can’t keep up on this schedule so we’re going to try to train her to use the potty pad for now at night. We’re going to put a playpen in the living room that is attached to the crate and latch the door (she knows how to open the door of it already) and then put pee pads around it so that she has a place to go at night. Currently, she will not go on the pee pad in that is in her crate. Even though this is all tiring, and somewhat annoying, it’s still good because it means that she is potty training fairly easily. Once she can hold her bladder, which is in a couple of months, things should settle down around here.

Still, this is all quite overwhelming for me and my parts. Some of the child parts are starting to get a bit on the destructive side because we’re all so tired. And when I mean destructive, I mean that they are talking about self-harming. When I get tired, or worn out, that’s what the littles ones (child parts) do. They’re just like any other children, which is that when they don’t get enough sleep or get frustrated they act out.

I’m still getting used to having Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s quite scary to have, and quite frustrating too, because none of us get as much time fronting as we would like. We have a large system with more parts than we can count. Today, for example, one of the littles was crying to David that she doesn’t like to be part of a system and never gets to spend enough time with David and the pets/reborns. I’m also still getting used to the fact that some of the parts can get destructive and suicidal when they are overwhelmed and tired, and that this just is a part of my life. It doesn’t mean that my parts or I are going to do these things, though, it just means that they have the inclination to do it.

Hopefully we can get Maggie on a better schedule at night. I don’t want to have any meltdowns in my system. I have autism and ADHD on top of DID, and this means that multiple parts might melt down at the same time and start using self-harming behaviors to regulate emotions. It can be hard to keep everything under control. I just know though that sleep is really important for me and all my parts. I plan on taking some naps today.

Well, Maggie just used her pee pad while I was writing this. I’m glad! It looks like we’re still on the right track. Here are some pictures of her:

Maggie and I at her first vet appointment with us
Maggie playing with her toys
Sitting with Patrick and Maggie. They love to sit near each other, but not with each other. I’m holding my reborn June in the picture as well.

Also, Maggie is doing okay with the cats, but none of them like her that much yet. She wants to play with them all the time, and they don’t like it. Patrick’s had to get a little aggressive with her to get her to back off of him. She seems to really have taken to him though. I also noticed last night that Patrick was concerned when she went into her crate for the night. There’s a chance that they might be friends in the long run. Patrick does sit on my lap on his own with Maggie on the sofa next to us.

The other thing that is going on in my life is that I noticed that my nephew joined Facebook. He’s in middle school. I sent him a friend request and we’ll see if he friends me or not. If he does, though, he might see my blog, which I have mixed feelings about. I don’t think that he knows that I have Dissociative Identity Disorder or what that means.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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