We Got A Puppy!

Yesterday we brought home a goldendoodle puppy named Maggie. She’s really sweet and wants attention all the time. We’re working on crate training and potty training her right now.

She doesn’t like her crate, though. She whines, cries, and barks when she’s in it. I did some research into this and apparently we are not supposed to give her attention when she does this because it reinforces it. So we are letting her cry it out until she gets used to the crate at night. That means, though, that I didn’t get as much sleep as I usually do, so I’m really tired right now.

She also is very interested in getting to know Patrick. She loves to roll around on him and last night was trying to chew on his tail. This morning, though, he’d had enough, and batted at her and even tried to bite her. Now she’s giving him a wide area of his own and won’t come up to him, which is probably fine for now.

Apparently before I got up Tempest batted at her as well because she got to close to him. Now, Tempest has been quite needy since she came home. He slept with me and Patrick last night, and also has been following me into the bathroom. It seems as though he need some extra reassurance.

Right now, Patrick’s on my lap and Maggie is about two feet away on the other side of the sofa. I hope that they become friends, but we’ll see.

Even though it’s a bit rough right now, I do really like having a dog. I’m looking forward to taking her for walks and just cuddling with her. She’s really a cute, nice dog. I also might train her to be a service dog for my PTSD and DID.

Here’s a picture of her and Patrick from last night:

Patrick and Maggie

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

4 thoughts on “We Got A Puppy!

  1. When our dog Casey came home she did not like being crated at night. I read if I put a piece of clothing that I had been wearing in with her that it would comfort her. The first night I tried the tee shirt I had been wearing and it didn’t help. The next night I tossed my husband’s socks in with her. She settled right down. (She also developed a habit of stealing all of my husband’s socks and carrying them around the house so the fix wasn’t perfect – but at least we got some sleep!


  2. How adorable! Such a sweet picture. You look happy and that’s wonderful. 😌


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