More Doctor’s Appointments

My EBV test results came back. At first I was excited, because the IgM is lower, which means that I may not be as activated as I was. However, I did some research into EBV testing, and it looks like the doctor left out one test out of four that is needed to determine if you have a reactivated infection. In other words, we still don’t know my current EBV status, even after all that testing. So, I made an appointment to see him again on Thursday before my next blood draw to see if he can run all four tests.

It is so frustrating when doctors don’t run the right tests. I really want to find someone who is knowleadgable about all of this. I think that my naturopath is, but I’m not seeing her for a month. I am seeing an environmental medicine specialist who hopefully knows about this testing. I’m also going to request to see a rheumatologist, which is one specialty that I’ve never seen before.

I really wish that I didn’t have so many appointments, though. It makes it hard to do other things in life like exercise, because I only have so much energy to spend. And when you throw in the cats’ appointments I can get overwhelmed and run down quickly.

Hopefully the doctors and I can get all of this figured out.

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