We Spent Valentine’s Day At the Vet

Lucy started having problems walking quite a bit about mid day on Friday. His back legs were not holding him up and were falling around behind him. I had to take him into Kirkland to the emergency vet to get him checked out. It turns out that his muscles are wasting away due to the cancer and not eating enough, and he just doesn’t have much strength in his back legs anymore. So, we are going to put down rugs around the house to help him around (we have hard wood floors on most of the house). Despite this, he seems happy and is still purring and wanting attention. He tries not to let his weak legs slow him down! This means that this is not anything that we would put him down over.

He has Lumostine (chemo) tomorrow, as long as the vet allows it. He’s still kind of stuffy, though, so we’ll see. Patrick just had chemo yesterday at home and is doing quite well these days. He’s full of energy and is quite talkative lately, and cuddly. All the cats are.

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