Lucy’s Pretty Weak But He Doesn’t Seem To Realize It

First of all, Lucy seems to have overcome whatever virus or URI he had. His breathing is back to normal and he is no longer congested. He’s also eating more. This all means that he will be able to get another round of chemo next week.

He’s also really weak and wobbly right now, but doesn’t seem to realize it. He’s walking around with tons of energy now that he’s feeling better but is trying to do things that he’s not able to do. For example, he was trying to walk around his brother to get a my water glass a couple of times (sometimes he claims my water glasses as his bowl), and he got too close to the edge of the sofa and fell off of it a couple of times. I just picked him up and cooed at him and put him back up with us. But he kept trying to get at my water glass even though it meant that he had to perch on a table, which was too much for him. He also was trying to get at my breakfast, which he’s not allowed to have. I was worried that he was going to fall over when he was perching on the table so I brought him back close to me.

It’s really sad to see him so sick. Hopefully he’ll get stronger with more treatment. He’s losing weight too, which is sad. But, now that he’s eating again, maybe he can put some of it back on.

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