I’m Feeling Better Today

My sore throat and chills are gone today! I’m feeling much better. It turns out that taking more anti-virals (Famclivicor), upping my dose of L-Lysine, taking a gut suppelement and elderberry all helped me. I also stopped exercising and cut down on activities at the height of my flare.

I’m still really tired today, though, and don’t think that I have the energy to revise my chapter book. I do have all month to do that though. I decided not to stick to revising the first 20 pages of my book this month as well as revising the Silver and Spot Book, to sort of be easy on myself since I’m not feeling great.

I do have another doctor’s appointment today. I emailed my PCP yesterday to find out about which HHV-6 test was run last Spring. I looked up the results and it only showed me the IgG, and I am wondering what the IgM is to see if I had an activation then. Plus, it looks like the doctor’s office did not do the right lab test anyways as recommended by the HHV-6 foundation. So, I might have some more lab tests today. We’ll see.

Lucy and Patrick have both started to eat pretty normally again, too, which really helps to reduce stress around here. It looks like they both must be feeling better. I’m pretty sure that some sort of virus was going around the cats, which on top of having cancer makes the two of them miserable.

My birthday was on Tuesday. David bought me some baby clothes, sweat pants, and a baby carrier that you wear around your front or back. He bought onesies that matched a hat and mitten set that I already had, so now Skya looks all coordinated in some of her outfits! She looks very cute. Here’s a picture:

I’m still looking for my next reborn but am taking my time. I really want to get the perfect one (even though Skya and Logan are quite perfect already!)

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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